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Virginia’s Spa – Services

Virginia’s Spa

125 Clarke Rd


Service DescriptionDurationPrice
Regular Massage30 min.$50
60 min.$90
Vip Massage30 min.$70
60 min.$110
Duo Massage30 min.$130
60 min.$230
Couples Massage30 min.$130
60 min.$230
Shower Show Massage30 min.$80
60 min.$120
Jacuzzi Massage60 min.$120
Couples Jacuzzi Massage60 min.$250

Feature Room Up-Grade For Regular Massage an Addition $15


Understanding Body-Rub Parlours

Virginia’s Spa is a Licenced Adult Entertainment Body-rub Parlour.  We have successfully and professionally managed our business, conviction free, since 1998.  Female owned, managed by both men and women, we take great pride in what has become known as one of the finest adult entertainment platforms for both entertainers and clients to interact.  A clean professional spa, offering an environment that has zero tolerance for drugs, alcohol, uncivilized behaviour or exploitation of the Attendants.

The Municipal By-Law that governs our business defines us as the following:

“Under section 154 of the Municipal Act, adult entertainment establishments include goods, entertainment, and body rubs that are designed to appeal to erotic or sexual appetites or inclinations”.

“Adult Entertainment Body-Rub Parlour” means any premises or part thereof in which, in pursuance of a trade, calling, business or occupation, a Body-Rub is provided, offered or solicited;

“Attendant” means a person who provides, performs, or offers a Body-Rub;

“Body-Rub” includes the kneading, manipulating, rubbing, massaging, or touching by any means, of a person’s body—or part thereof—but does not include medical or therapeutic treatment given by a person otherwise duly qualified, licensed, or registered to do so under the laws of the Province of Ontario;

Facts we would like you to know and appreciate:

The business is a three-way relationship, the Company, the Attendants, and the Clients.  The company has the adult entertainment licence to sell the services, provides the platform and infrastructure [for] making revenue from renting rooms to the attendants contracted to perform the service when a client selects them to do so.

An Adult Entertainment Body-Rub Parlour “Services” listed are essentially several different routines or methods of providing the same service, a “Full Body-Rub Massage”.

It is important for you, the Client, to understand that the mass majority of entertainers in the adult entertainment industry, including all attendants working within this business, are NOT employed by this or any other associated company.

All Attendants are independent contractors. No Attendant works exclusively at this business; Attendants also work with three other separate but associated, licenced body-rub parlours in London. All Attendants have gone through a multi-step interview, screening, and training process to gain access to these adult entertainment venues, and [furthermore] must observe their agreed terms to maintain their Attendant status.  

All Attendants are documented with Government issued picture ID for proof of age.

All Attendants submit lab paperwork proving they are free of communicable disease upon entering the business and every six months thereafter.

All Attendants are here of their own free will, confident, and strong minded.

They are NOT exploited, abused, or negatively influenced by others.


All Attendants submit their own work availability weekly, indicating which and how many shifts they are available for, showing their first and second choices.  We work hard to accommodate each Attendant’s scheduling needs, always respecting other responsibilities like school and employment.

All Attendants agree to and follow a Memorandum of Understanding that outlines their agreed terms, operational protocols, policies, and customer service expectations to maintain the quality and safety of both the workplace and customer base.  

All Attendants are 100% in charge while performing massages and can exercise a termination of service protocol if their client is not respecting their control of the room. 

All Attendants have agreed to perform the body-rub massage services but set their own restrictions, limitations, [and] boundaries in respect to additional services, also known as extras.  It’s their choice!

Examples: Touching, Body slides, Reversals, Role play, etc.


It is company policy that under no circumstances will money be refunded once the Attendant has unclothed to begin the massage.  If a customer has specific inclinations that are of great importance to their experience, they best qualify [if] their attendant is comfortable with that request first. In private, best when first shown to the room, before the Attendant unclothes.  If not, the client can ask for a different attendant or discontinue the service and receive a full refund.



Tipping Advisory

It is no secret Attendants, like everyone, are in the industry to make a living. The larger portion of their earnings comes from their clientele’s gratuity for the quality time, attention, and care they have invested into performing their body-rub massage service.

All Attendants accept the agreed commonalities of the body-rub massage services being sold. Those services largely have remained unchanged since we opened in 1998.  Attendants are independent contractors; they only make money if they are picked by a client to sell a massage service to, opening the door to how they generate their additional earnings; gratuities/tips. The massage service fee is shared with the Attendants but they rely heavily on gratuities to make doing this work profitable.

The business pays for all costs that relate to the businesses operations and services.

Gratuities/Tips.  Until now, the company has not provided advice on how much an appropriate gratuity is for a Body-Rub massage service.  Foremost because it is not our money; it is the client’s gratuity for the attendant and the attendant alone.

 The business neither knows of nor receives any part of an Attendant’s gratuity.  Almost all Attendants perform additional services or extras to heighten their clients’ experience with the intention of generating a greater gratuity for themselves. Every Attendant is different in their style, presentation, and personality. But just as diverse are their thresholds, both in their performances and the value in which they put on their extras.  For example; An Attendant may be comfortable doing a Reversal (Role reversal) with a client who is known to them, but not with a client they have just met, while others won’t hesitate. Every Attendant is a different person and has different dos and don’ts, as well as different rates and expectations for their additional services.  As a client, you need to know and respect that about your attendant. You also need to know there is no conformity in this area among the Attendants. Be wise enough not to get hustled in a moment of weakness.  

Additional Services and the Attendants right to choose. This company is female owned and her directive has always been clear on supporting an Attendant’s right to choose.  Attendants are not to refuse customers unless a merited reason qualifies them to do so. However, while performing the body-rub massage, in respect to doing additional massage services (extras), Attendants choose what they are comfortable doing and with whom they choose to do it. This company and management supports and protects the Attendant’s choices. This is why you don’t see Mild Touching, Body-slides, Reversals, Roleplay, or any other commonly practiced “additional service” also referenced as an “extra” listed on the company Services Menu.

For the stability and regularity of the business, the owners, managers, and like-minded Attendants wish to advise clients to educate themselves and appreciate what an appropriate tip amounts to, and what might be considered excessive. While the very nature of a gratuity is not mandatory for a basic massage service, considering the intimate nature of the service, a respectful gratuity has long been customary when we opened our business back in 1998. 

As important as it is to know what a respectful gratuity is, we feel knowing what an excessive gratuity expectation from an Attendant is just as important. Excessive gratuities, pushing menu’s, [or a] rushed service is detrimental to the client’s experience and the business as a whole. For all involved, you the client, the company, and the Attendants, lose out on future opportunities because of a bad experience a client had with a greedy or impatient Attendant.  In recent years, there has been an increase of Attendants taking advantage of the confidentiality of the massage rooms and the change of the solicitation laws to levy unrealistic expectations on our clients for the value of their additional services not mandated or regulated by the business.


Prospectively, taking into account the entire spectrum of the Adult Entertainment Industry and the average values of live entertainment services, we recommend the following guidance for gratuities, per attendant; gratuities for a body-rub massage have long been customary to be in the range of the service purchased.  All additional services performed by attendants, we recommend a more then reasonable maximum gratuity of $150 for 30min and $200 for 60min services.


30 min Services

For a quality body-rub massage and personable service, a customary gratuity is respectfully in the range of the cost of the massage.   

Example: A 30 min. Reg Massage cost is $45.  

A customary tip – $40/$50

Any and all additional services/extras should not exceed $150 in any capacity.


60 min Services

For a quality body-rub massage and personable service, a customary gratuity is respectfully in the range of the cost of the massage.

Example: A 60 min. Reg Massage cost is $70.

A customary tip – $60/$80

Any and all additional services/extras should not exceed $200 in any capacity.