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Customer Complaint Dropbox

If you’ve had a bad experience relating to customer service and would like to inform management please share your experience here.

First please read the following…

Please know and understand our businesses are licenced adult entertainment body-rub parlours providing nude sensual massage.

We are not an escort agency, sexual services is not a part of our business model.   Our caution and complication… the Conservatives “Nordic” backwards thinking C-36 law.  It was formulated to overreach it’s intention and has possibly dragged into it’s realm the licenced, regulated and controlled adult entertainment industry.   A law to regulate the sex trade but has a vague and non-descriptive blanket term of “sexual services”.   So what’s does that have to do with us?  Well we take our business very seriously and when we can’t know and understand something 100% that might threaten our business … We hire people who can and we do it with the best attorneys in the country.   So here is the basic rundown in simple terms.  In process of Bill C-36 becoming law,  the Senate holds a number of Readings.  During the Readings the Senete requested a definition of “Sexual Services”.  An extremely broad worded description was given that literally implemented the entire industry .   While an adult entertainer now has little worry in the legalities of selling sexual services,  it could be argued that all commercial enterprises and advertising venues related to the sex industry and it’s paying customers could be breaking the law.  Sex shops, peep show & video booths, strip clubs, swingers clubs, massage parlours, escort agencies, advertising venues, even hotels that knowingly rent rooms to escorts and all there owners, managers, staff and customers could technically be breaking the law.   As to date, no known case involving a licenced adult entertainment enterprise has been brought to the court and hopefully as promised the Liberal’s amend or completely re-write C-36.   In the mean time, please do not foolishly implement yourself or our enterprises in writing something inappropriate.   The Federal Privacy Act is on your side…. do just that, respect your and your attendants privacy.  Rooms for massages are rented to the Attendants (Independent Contractors) to perform our listed massage services, they have the same privacy rights as if they were renting a hotel room.  

Please keep your complaints written here in relation to the aspects of our business, examples given below.

Your response goes directly to management only and are NOT posted to the blog.

We feel strongly about the confidentiality behind closed doors but do enforce the companies memorandum that all independent adult entertainers (attendants) agreed to to work within the AdultEA represented body-rub parlours.  All attendants are trained in customer service expectations and industries standards and regulatory laws.

Please appreciate this is not a forum or email platform, complaints will not be responded to but are heard, filed and used as a resource when considering a termination of an attendants work agreement.  

Truth always surfaces, a reputation diminished through repeated complaints leaves no excuse and allows management to make the right choices in keeping only the good attendants working on our team.

Please note; there is never refunds for services.  

All too often an attendant can forget the most important part of adult entertainment… the customers experience as a whole.  Customer service and mutual respect are the foundations of any great adult entertainment experience.  An Attendants overall attention and care, professionalism and friendliness are the attributes needed in building customer relationships and a great reputation.

Aspects for your consideration;

~ Were you greeted upon entering the business?

~ Did the available Attendants promptly present themselves, did they do it with confidence and with a smile ?

~ Did you get the Attendant and service of your choice, was there any refusals?

~ Did you receive your change at the front when paying for the massage?

~ Did your Attendant return to the room promptly after you finished your shower?

~ Did you feel you received a spa experience with a good massage?

~ Did you receive your full 30 or 60 minutes of her time?

~ Did your Attendant see you to the door when leaving?

~ As a venue for adult entertainment, did you feel you received value for your money spent ?

~ The Attendant that performed your massage, did you feel you received value for your money spent ?


The most effective feedback about your experience is a direct one.  Please share with your attendant what you really liked and disliked about your experience with her.  Pointers, compliments and criticism from the clients good or bad are a huge help for an attendant to become more self aware of her customer service.  Your direct feedback really is the most effective way to enhance your next encounter.  When not possible we give you this venue to help us be a better us.


Thank you for you feedback,


2 Comments for "Customer Complaint Dropbox"

  1. Bill

    December 6th, 2017 at 6:33 pm

    Thank you for your explanation regards tipping! I would just like to comment on my experience.
    I patronized the sane attendant for almost a year, twice a month works out o be maybe 24 times.
    I calculate that my outlay per visit was in the neighborhood of $180 for each hourly visit.
    I concluded that the expenditure of almost $4000 was more than what I wanted to expend and planned to cut back on my visits. Maybe to once a month.
    Simultaneously, my favorite attendant informed me that she needed a $20 increase which ran counter to my own plans, so I have since started to use the services of other attendants.
    I would urge your attendants to weigh the consequences of a long term client being bumped up from what had become the customary fee. To do so may result in the client choosing someone else!

  2. John

    September 24th, 2018 at 6:41 pm

    Review of Kloe

    My ratings

    Looks – 5 .. much much bigger than shown in the picture

    Attitude – 3 .. very poor attitude. Announced all the laughable terms and rates just on entering the room. That put me off completely.Never seemed interested in providing service ..just focused on money.

    Service – 2 ..All mechanical service.. There was no “real service” at all

    one of the worst experience in 10+ years of blue chain.

    Not worth the door fees.

    Repeat- never

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